Tuesday, January 1, 2013

As salam..hiye folks!
today is the first day in 2013...so Happy New Year!!;p

nothing much to say, just I cant wait for my kind of HIJRAH!! m going to resign soon!
just after I receive my bonus for 2012 I will tender my resignation letter!!wuhuuuu!!!

I need to move on to next level...InsyaAllah..so looking forward for it!Yayyyy!!happy dance there!!;p

Need time to make baby, need time for myself, need time with my soulmate..I want to live my life..no stress mode..

Oklah, nothing much to do today, suppose go out but macam malas..tgk r..miaow si Lucky the Stray x makan lagi...need bagi miaow makan rite! kena turun gak ni...see lah after asar macamana...;p


Monday, October 15, 2012

London Bridge is falling down..falling down..

again after a while I finally got time to update my so-called 'journal'.. >__<
well, last september 13th - 21st (to be exact), I went for a trip with my mom and sis for a week..( w/o hubby :( miss you my love.. ).. we went to? LONDON & PARIS!!!!!!!!huhuhu..AWESOME!!donno what else can I say!!;p

the trip just right after raya.. at first no excited feeling or what la coz Hubby not going rite..then, by the time boarding/departure at KLIA..m pretty excited!

I took annual leave from 12th until 21st (friday)..so can rest on weekend..so, as early as 530am we already arrived at KLIA..Hubby and BIL sent us..sad a bit away w/o Hubby..;( our flight was on 1005..then delayed to 1055..but unfortunately its delayed until 1055pm or 2255!!OMG!!!!they (KLIA) did typo error..at first it was 1055.(15 minutes delayed) then, when all of us already boarding and (almost) went to the plane which heading to GUANGZHOU, the staffs asked us bout he boarding ticket (which they did tore it) and told us its been delayed..man..duhhhh...

so, us were sent to Palace of Golden Horses in Mines for rest (entertaining us), while waiting for the next flight..my gosh...caled Hubby and miss him so freakin much..

then, cut story short..haha.. later that nite we went to airport and finally boarding to UK..fuh...
to be continue...


Sunday, April 22, 2012

hi...lama sgt  x tulis2 nih..
m sad a bit (konon)... tonite/today > Man Utd draw to Everton.. Nadal won the Monte Carlo's title (tennis)..buttt, team Lotus got 2nd & 3rd place in F1!wuhuuu!! hahaha..
enough with sport..laki aku la nih..dok racun tgk sport..;p

talked bout sport..x lama lagi Olympic rite..my special someone is going..;( as volunteer..gonna miss u bro..Abg Apis..quite some time haven't meet you bro..meanwhile good friend of me (also Apis), Ash now on his way to Kabul for humanitarian mission..May Allah protect you Ash.. You so brave Ash..InsyaAllah..

well, m sooo tired..rite now its raining outside..sgt panas yer..nothing much to do..so watch tv and surf internet..Mr.Hubby said suddenly teringat Krispy Creme's Donuts at Times Square..yeah,dulu masa before tunang,we went there for its Grand Opening lah..a day after opening to be exact..then, we sat in one corner and chit chat etc..
suddenly the manager came to us and asked,
M: r you both married..?
Us: well,not yet..next 2 years..y?
M: owh, I saw both of you just now and both looks so happy together..so,I was thinking to offer a sponsorship of our donuts on ur big day.. maybe as a gift..
Us: we was like,What?!OMG!!but, hurmmm..our big day is in 2 years time..so, m so sorry..m afraid no thanks..(dalam hati, mmg la nak tp lama nak wait..takut Krispy Creme's nih wait lama sgt plak..)
M: owh, maybe we shall meet again next time..good luck both of you..
Us: owh, yeah, perhaps..

but, nahhh..takde rezeki..segan kot nak g sana ask for sponsorship..

now, we already married..a years and a half..and still counting!InsyaAllah..
Doakan for baby plak..;p

Thursday, April 21, 2011

'sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit...inikan pula suami isteri...'

Silence mode..

Mr.Hubby @ work..later will fetch him..;p

Today I & Mr.Hubby had a small fight..m a bit baran while Mr.Hubby is a cool person..
Sooo perfect for each other..;(
I luv u dear..sooooo much..Im soooo sorry for the mistake...

This GPS thingy doesn't really works..yeah,I know..need to use Allah gift also lah..our sight..
Earlier we a bit lost somewhere in Puchong..and with Garmin prob,its sucks..seriously..
plus of PMS..goshhh..we fight a bit..;(

Then,later I asked for forgiveness..he forgave me, but with a catch..full package of advises..
He told me not to baran2 lah etc..I know dear..I'm trying..
Not always rite m baran2..

I luv u sayang with all my heart..normal for newly married couple like us to hv 'hard' conversation
once a while..hahaha..

like P.Ramlee used to said, 'sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit...inikan pula suami isteri...'

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm Coming Home...I'm Coming Home..Tell The World That I'm Coming Home..

It's raining outside..rite now m waitin for Mr.Hubby to come home...poor him..
heavy rain..how to get home..
Already called him asked if need me to fetch him..but,he said it's okay..
goshhh..honey, I miss you..

Today I still on MC.. Dr.Noraini wanted to give me 2 more days.. but,nahhh...I took 1 day only..
my body still hot.. I was like,oh my gosh..what now..why I still having fever..usually, on the second day my body already ok..

after check up with doc, she said its my sinus..fuhh..really thank Allah its nothing..
Sinus has caused me for a 'longggg hours' of fever..it's blocked my breathing system etc..

Now, m still waiting for Mr.Hubby..I cooked sardin rolls for him..emmm,yummy!!;p

note: Please pray for both of us..we try to get baby..do pray ok..;p

Monday, April 11, 2011


today I mc til tommorow..just great! br jer nak bekerja tp...hahaha..bluek!!konon...
but, kesian Mr.Hubby kene keje..he also x sehat..sinus prob..

last nite went to c doctor at my favourite Klinik Global..n really hope the doctor in charge would be Dr.Noraini (the owner)..well,sometimes other doctors will assist her for treatment.
she's very nice & I luv the way she treated me..very professional & caring..

'we go in & gave the clinic card to the nurse..actually this is my 1st time datang dgn Mr.Hubby after married..and I asked him to go in with me..;p 
I tried to find out who's da doctor but naaaahhhhh...x sure!
after waited for quite a while (almost an hour) bcoz too many patients queuing for their turn, my name pop out..
yayyyy!!! its my Dr.Noraini!!

she asked me whats2 la kan..then she said to Mr.Hubby,'tersengih-sengih..hah,nih mcm x sihat jer...meh sini check kejap..'& Dr.Noraini diagnosed him for sinus etc..That's y I luv her..She's so caring...

then,after settled, on our way out she asked me bout Mr.Hubby..'who's is this?'
'ahhh,ni suami saya...' 'ehhh,x cakap pun yer..kat kad nih tulis bujang..hahaha..' 'yer doctor...td nak cakap tapi x kesampaian...;p' hahaha..that's Dr. Noraini.. very caring and friendly..

now...just had a nice kueh mueh for breakfast & sedang bermalasan depan tv..
ahhhh...boring..still byk obat need to take..damn..LOL

Sunday, February 6, 2011

syhhhh...we're married!!

whoaa!! Im married!!

been a while since my last post.. well,pretty busy with workloads & new family..;p
luv my new life..

well..tonite suddenly my mr.Hubby having fever..poor baby..he already ate the medicine & I put a wet cloth on his neck and forehead..

then,i watched him sleep..but, u know what he said...? 'ala, jangan lah tengok saya tido...segan lah...' huh?! macam tu pun bleh...?!!;p

have a good rest honey...m a bit worried..1st time after our big day he's gettin sick..usually its me yg sick etc..;(
pls be okay dear..I need u to b okay..luv u so much...