Tuesday, January 1, 2013

As salam..hiye folks!
today is the first day in 2013...so Happy New Year!!;p

nothing much to say, just I cant wait for my kind of HIJRAH!! m going to resign soon!
just after I receive my bonus for 2012 I will tender my resignation letter!!wuhuuuu!!!

I need to move on to next level...InsyaAllah..so looking forward for it!Yayyyy!!happy dance there!!;p

Need time to make baby, need time for myself, need time with my soulmate..I want to live my life..no stress mode..

Oklah, nothing much to do today, suppose go out but macam malas..tgk r..miaow si Lucky the Stray x makan lagi...need bagi miaow makan rite! kena turun gak ni...see lah after asar macamana...;p


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